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Come on Brett…Really?

As I sit in my Anthropology class taking notes, I glanced over at a kid’s computer and saw that Brett Favre is ready to hang up the cleats again…all I can say is Brett, “I hope the Jets know that every penny they spent on you was NOT money well spent.” What did Brett do this year that Kellen Clemens couldn’t have? Run around like a little kid after touchdowns? Get called a “gunslinger” by the CBS TV crew after every completed pass? If Brett is actually done for good I would be more than disappointed. Not just that my favorite athlete of all time would leave the game for good, but that he did it in a Jets uniform and the way he did it. Brett knew he was done after the 2007 season and I’m sure of it. He wasn’t the same Brett after Thanksgiving, and sorry but Ryan Grant beat the Seahawks in the Snow Bowl. He took a bad Jets team and turned them into a 9-7 ballclub that played as many playoff games as the Chiefs. I’m sure Eric Mangini is grateful right about now. The fact is that Brett lost and the Jets did too and, as scary as it sounds, I hope the Bears or Vikings take a stab at #4 because he just doesn’t have it anymore. He’s the reason I love football and would cut my left pinky off to see another Packers Super Bowl. He’s also the reason my team has a free third round draft pick and their QB of the future. To the Jets, he’s the reason Kellen Clemens lost a year of experience and the reason Jets jersey sales went up this year. Unfortuanetly that’s about it. I think it’s time we all take a trip out to Hallmark and get Ted Thompson an apology card because he knew something that we all assumed: that AA-Rod was ready and that Brett waited an off-season and 16 weeks too long to go hunt. Hopefully this time “all good things must come to an end” for good.


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  1. I guess it is time to buy Thompson a card.
    I thought AA-Rod was nicknamed china doll- i was wrong.

    Comment by nuge | February 17, 2009 | Reply

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