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Quick observations from SHU/MU

I don’t really feel like writing out a big blog for this one, but there were some things that I saw in the Seton Hall game that I liked and others that I didn’t. They are listed below in no particular order.

Dominic James is becoming one of the best passers in the nation. Others may lead him in assists, but he threads the needle perfectly and has court vision that not a lot of PG’s have. His defense (7 steals, 4 blocks) was outstanding last night, especially when he was the lone defender on the 3 on 1 break, blocking the lay-up attempt. 4-4 from the line was a nice present as well.
Dwight Burke was great last night despite the little 17 minutes he played (after Garcia fouled out there wasn’t much need for him). It gives me hope for the Golden Eagles for defending Thabeet. Burke’s only foul of the game came after his missed offensive rebound put-back as a cheap reach-in frustration type foul.
– Wesley Matthews could be the “quietest” scorers I’ve ever seen in a game. A lot of it stems from his ability to get to the free throw line, but he is somewhat forgotten at times. He was the star of the game last night and if Marquette wants to beat any of the “Big 3” in the Big East, they will need games like that from him, similar to the Georgetown second half. Great overall game from the senior.
Speaking of defense, Jimmy Butler and Lazar Hayward played great help defense on the big men. When Garcia or Mitchell would be fronted by one defender, help defense got great positioning with their hands up, forcing adjusted shots. Mitchell and Garcia shot a combined 3-12 in the game.
Jerel McNeal seemed out of sync the whole game and it was a little frustrating that he never got into the game like he usually does. He seemed out of control and never got his jump shot going, and the 8 turnovers were not a good side. Luckily, his off night came against Seton Hall, so let’s hope he’s back on track by Saturday.
Lazar Hayward wasn’t really on either, but I liked that they looked for him in the post early and often. Marquette really wanted to get the Pirates’ big men into trouble, unfortunately the shots weren’t dropping.
– I was surprised to see Wesley Matthews on Jeremy Hazell after the first possession of the game, but I guess the size difference was enough to do the job. I thought Wesley did a nice job, and his stat-line was a little tainted because he played the whole game and had some cheap buckets down the stretch.
Jimmy Butler is getting better every game and is really fitting into his role nicely. He didn’t take that 3 pointer that he couldn’t have been more wide open on, but his confidence is rising and his defensive game is stepping up. He drew a nice charge after his layup and I can’t remember him getting beat on defense. He added a nice steal when Seton Hall was in transition and got absolutely robbed of a block.
The officiating crew was terrible last night I know Bobby Gonzalez and his players talk to officials more than any other team in the nation (seems that way) but the crew was inconsistent, ticky-tacky and at times made some calls that made you scratch your head. I’m not one to knock officiating, as anyone that knows me can attest to, but last night was really bad.
– Congrats to Rob Frozena for being all over that layup and then all over Sportscenter. He has earned the praise from Buzz and his team mates, and it said a lot about the team’s chemistry this year as seen by the bench erupting on his layup. Keep working hard and congrats again, Rob.
Jimmy Butler can fly.


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