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Something Special Brewing With Recruiting Class

As Marquette begins the stretch run on one of the most memorable seasons in their school’s history and prepares to say goodbye to seniors Wesley Matthews, Jerel McNeal, Dominic James, and Dwight Burke, it’s hard not to look ahead at the stellar recruiting class that will walk onto campus next year to replace them.

The class is led by 6 foot, 6 inch combo-forward lefty Jeronne Maymon. Maymon is the front runner for Mr. Basketball for the state of Wisconsin and will more than likely come in right away and see major minutes. Maymon has played mostly inside this year, but his coach sites this to the fact that he is the tallest player on the team. Overall on offense, he is a great slasher and finishes with power at the rim and is great in transition, something he noted as a reason why he chose the Golden Eagles. Defensively, he is an excellent rebounder and plays very strong in the post and will contribute right away. He has struggled with grades over the year but I have faith that Buzz is not going to take any bag eggs on the team. Guys like Wesley Matthews and Lazar Hayward have set that standard at Marquette.

Jeronne Maymon should make an impact right away in the Marquette lineup.

Jeronne Maymon should make an impact right away in the Marquette lineup.

Next in line is Junior Cadougan, a point guard from from Canada, who played his ball in Texas. He stands 6’2’’ and weighs in the range of 220 pounds. When I watch Cadougan’s film, I think of Levance Fields. Not only do they have the same body type, but Cadougan plays very physical and seems to always find the open man. He has a nice step back jumper as well as the decent court vision. He sometimes looks to score first and can play out of control, but has a lot of potential. He had an outstanding summer which led to his recruitment from Buzz Williams and he will have the chance to come in and compete for the point guard position next year.

Rounding out the 4-star recruits for this class is Erik Williams, a 6’7” guard-forward from Cypress, Texas. Williams is a product of Tom Crean recruiting who opted to stay with the Golden Eagles after Crean’s departure due to his relationship with current coach Buzz Williams. The one thing Williams does very well is use his speed. With his size, no one expects him to be as fast as he is and he is great in transition offense because of it. He broke his foot last year which took some of the national spotlight off of him, but his combination of size and speed is exactly what Marquette looks for out of its wings. He is more of a product than the other two but could be a key role player for Marquette next year, who will have to go deeper in their roster.

Two other contributors that will help the transition process for Marquette include recruits SG Dwight Buycks, a junior college transfer junior from Iowa, and Brett Rosebro, a PF from Pennsylvania. Buycks’ experience may push him into the starting lineup if he is able to beat out the likes of Williams, Maymon, and potentially Jimmy Butler/David Cubillan. Buycks has an excellent outside shot and Rosebro is a project that Buzz Williams says could be the steal of this recruiting class. The Golden Eagles may also have an ace up their sleeve in power forward Dashonte Riley out of Detroit. Riley originially signed with Georgetown but then backed out of his commitment, citing that he made his decision too early. After his back out, Marquette went hard after the 6’11” forward and must have made an impact. He attended the Marquette-UConn game which had to be a great recruiting tool, and as of March 4th has narrowed his choices down to Marquette and Syracuse. The one thing that helps Marquette is that Syracuse is loaded with young talent in their front court, while the only real big men currently on Marquette’s roster are Chris Otule and Liam McMorrow. It would be a huge improvement on an already stellar class if Riley decides to come to Marquette, but either way this class is shaping up to what could be the foundation of Marquette basketball for a while.

With Tom Crean leaving and three of Marquette’s top four players leaving this year, it was vital for Buzz Williams to come in and make his mark on a program that could have gone either way. He has done an excellent job with the season so far, implementing the run n’ gun offense and letting his players’ athleticism do the rest. But more kudos is due to him based on what he did recruiting this year. I can’t help but picture Golden Eagle fans around Wisconsin, 4 years from now, talking about how much we are going to miss Maymon, Cadougan, and Williams. If the three of them are able to start next year and build the chemistry that our current seniors did, the results could be even bigger than where Marquette stands now. Toss Dashonte Riley into the equation and the possibilities become even bigger. Maymon (46), Cadougan (60) and Williams (99) are, on average, ranked higher than James (61), Matthews (85), and McNeal (99) were. In no way am I saying that at the snap of a finger we are going to see the same results. Our seniors are where they are because of dedication of staying four years, hard work, chemistry, and brotherhood. What I am saying is that the pieces are there and it has me very excited about the state of Marquette Basketball.


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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble (considering you just wrote this a few hours ago) but DaShonte Riley has committed to the ‘Cuse.

    Comment by Yer Mother | March 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. I have seen full games of Erik Williams, Jeronne Maymon, Dwight Buycks and Junior Cadougan and here are some quick thoughts on them.

    Maymon is a beast but needs to become more consistent at the next level. He has a Big East ready body and his ability to play inside out will cause match-up difficulties for other teams.

    Levance Fields is a good comparison for Cadougan and not just in body type. Cadougan does many things that just cannot be quantified in the boxscore. I believe he will be the quarterback of this team from day one. On offense he possesses a very quick first step but I am still uncertain about his defense. I think he will be a good one though.

    I saw Buycks play live when he was in high school at Bay View and saw him recently on tape for Indian Hills. He is McNealish in his style of play. He likes to fill up the boxscore and scores best driving to the hoop although his 3pt shot is decent. I think he has the ability to play PG if we really need him to but I think he starts at SG from day 1.

    Some people are perceiving Erik Williams as being able to play the 2 guard but I just don’t see it. From what I have seen on film he is more of a 3/4 combo forward that has the ability to hit from downtown. He plays on the inside for his HS team and on the Wing for his AAU team. He has incredible length which allowed him to block 17 shots and 13 shots in games this season. He will probably take some time to develop and his lack of foot speed will keep him from playing the “2”.

    Comment by Alex Jesswein | March 6, 2009 | Reply

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