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Breaking Down the Brackets: West and South, Final Four

The NCAA tournament tips off Thursday with 16 games and another 16 on Friday. Yesterday we looked at the East and Midwest Regionals and today will be the West and South regionals.

West Regional



1. Connecticut vs. 16. Chattanooga

My pick to win it all, the Connecticut Huskies, start the tournament off versus the tourney underdogs and will have no trouble.  Expect the Huskies to run out in this one and get a big lead early.  The Mocs were not supposed to be here and their tournament run will be short lived.  Connecticut 82, Chattanooga 59

8. BYU vs. 9. Texas A&M

Due to the restrictions of BYU playing on Sunday, the selection committee had no choice but to put them in the 8 spot against the same team they played last year.  Texas A&M got the best of the Cougars in round 1 last year as the 8 seed, but I see a veteran group of players in BYU getting their revenge this year, in a tight game no less.  BYU 68, Texas A&M 64

5. Purdue vs. 12. Northern Iowa

Despite this matchup being the 5/12 matchup that always seems to provide upsets, Purdue will not falter here in this one.  They are starting to hit their jump shots which could they make them dangerous in the tournament, and while their young age might catch up to them later on in the tourney, it won’t here.  Purdue 74, Northern Iowa 62

4. Washington vs. 13. Mississippi St.

A very interesting matchup here, as the improbably SEC champions go up against a very little known team in Washington.  It’d be nice to see the Bulldogs continue their streak, but I think Washington is very underrated.  They play on the West Coast late at night so no one watches them play, but watch out for John Brockman.  He could take this regional by storm accompanied by a very talented back court.  I think Washington wins big in this one.  Washington 78, MSU 66

6. Marquette vs. 11. Utah State

There will be a big write-up on this tomorrow, but biases aside, Marquette wins this game.  Utah State is just way too slow of a team to keep up with a proven team of Marquette. Utah State won 30 games this year and defeated Utah at home on a last second shot, but Marquette’s talent level and speed will be better than any team they have faced this year, and they will get outrun from the get-go.  Marquette 71, Utah State 64

3. Missouri vs. 14. Cornell

I had the (dis)pleasure of watching Cornell go up against the Lopez twins last year vs. Stanford in Anaheim, and this year will be the same result as they face Demarre Carroll and Leo Lyons.  Missouri is a tough team to figure out, as they play outstanding at home but really struggle on the road.  But just speaking on this game, it wouldn’t matter if this game was played at Cornell, Mizzou takes it easy.  Missouri 68, Cornell 53

7. California vs. 10. Maryland

This was the hardest game of any first round match-up for me to figure out, so pardon me if I don’t have a lot to say on it.  Both teams are semi-backing into the tournament and not playing their best basketball, and while Greives Vasquez is outstanding, I think Cal’s best is better than Maryland’s best, and teams tend to bring their best to the tourney.  Give me Cal in a close one.  California 72, Maryland 70

2. Memphis vs. 15. Cal St. Northridge

I laugh at a lot of analysts and my friends that say how overrated they believe Memphis is…and then have them beating UConn in the West final.  I like to believe that this is the same “C-USA” that Memphis played in last year and dominated, only to lose in overtime to Kansas.  Different team? Sure.  But what it shows is that the talent is there and I expect a big run out of Memphis in the tournament…and in this game.  Memphis 67, CSN 54

Who Wins the West Regional and Why? Marquette. Alright fine, just kidding.  But this is a very interesting bracket that could go a bunch of ways.  On one hand, you have my favorite team the UConn Huskies who struggled after Dyson went down but have that look and feel of a championship squad.  Then you have Memphis who are waiting to show the world what they are made of.  Missouri fits the bill of a lot of requirements for a national champ in terms of scoring differential and so on.  Washington flies under the radar better than any team in the nation and Purdue has a ton of young potential.  Marquette has three excellent scorers in Matthews, McNeal, and Hayward and may make a push with a nice draw (Mizzou, Memphis).  In the end, I’m taking the Huskies.  They are my national champions so I hope that they win the regional and make it to the Final Four.  After round one I will do a write-up on why they will cut down the nets in Detroit, but to give you the short version, they have everything.  Thabeet is a guy that will carry a team on his shoulders with his inside D.  They have A.J. Price, the senior guard that has been through everything and is capable of going nuts on any given night.  Stanley Robinson has been excellent as of late and there might not be a better third option in the nation than Jeff Adrien.  Add Jim Calhoun to the mix and you have a team that can’t lose.  Yes, Thabeet has the occasional off game, but I think he will buckle down and hold his own for 6 games.  Just wait for it…

Who is the Biggest Sleeper? They might not be sleepers to win the regional, but Marquette got a fantastic draw in the brackets with potential 2nd round and Sweet 16 matchups against Missouri and Memphis.  They lost 5 of thier last 6 games, but let’s not forget those 5 losses were against 3 #1 seeds and 2 #3 seeds.  They led in the second half in 4 of those 5 losses, so it will be a matter of closing for the Golden Eagles.  If they can keep McNeal and Matthews rested and not sucking air with 6 minutes left in the game, the Elite 8 isn’t out of the question for the Warriors.

South Region



1. North Carolina vs. 16. Radford

I’m sure that Radford is thankful that Ty Lawson is doubtful for Thursday’s matchup, but that’s about all they are thankful for getting matched up with the Tar Heels.  Psycho T’s last chance for a national championship starts here, and North Carolina always steamrolls their Round 1 opponent, Lawson or not.  North Carolina 92, Radford 61

8. LSU vs. 9. Butler

The Butler Bulldogs were probably looking at a 6/7 seed before they got upset by Cleveland State in their conference championship game, so here they are in the 9 spot playing a very quiet LSU team led by Marcus Thornton.  This is a tough matchup to guage because Butler can play as well as most teams in the nation but don’t always show it, and LSU relies a lot on athleticism.  I’ll take a more proven Butler team in this one.  Butler 63, LSU 60

5. Illinois vs. 12. Western Kentucky

This is the best 5/12 matchup that I can find having a chance for an upset due to the injury to Illinois guard Chester Frazier.  I haven’t been high on Illinois all year and Western Kentucky loves to spread the court, getting everyone involved and match up very well with Illinois.  Western Kentucky 65, Illinois 62

4. Gonzaga vs. 13. Akron

Gonzaga is one of my sleepers in this bracket, especially if Ty Lawson’s big toe keeps acting up and he has to miss any time.  I’ve seen Akron a few times on tape and they don’t look like world beaters and I think is Gonzaga is poised for something big this year.  Don’t forget they led the nation in scoring margin this year, an important stat come tournament time.  Gonzaga 74, Akron 60

6. Arizona St. vs. 11. Temple

Shhh…my official sleeper of 2009 that could very well bust on me in the first round.  The Temple Owls are one of my favorite teams in the draft, and when I watched Joe Lunardi pick them to make the Sweet 16, I knew it was meant to be.  I love what Dionte Christmas is about and think he is this year’s Stephen Curry.  Believe me, he’s got the tools and Arizona St. is very overrated. Take the 5.5 points Temple is getting with ease also.  Temple 72, Arizona St. 71

3. Syracuse vs. 14. Stephen F. Austin

It’s time for everyone to stop saying that Johnny Flynn or any of the other Orange are going to get tired because of the 6OT game followed by the OT win vs. West Virginia.  All that epic game did was boost their confidence through the roof and make them feel like they could play with anyone (except Dionte Christmas).  This team could fall as short as the second round or as far as the Final Four.  Flynn has it within himself to do so, but either way they roll in round one.  Syracuse 84, Stephen F. Austin 72

7. Clemson vs. 10. Michigan

As much as I hate the Big11Ten, and as good as I think Clemson can be, I have to make Michigan in this game.  Big Blue has big wins over Duke and UCLA this year and Clemson has been way too inconsistent for my liking.  The Tigers’ best is better than the Wolverines’ best showing, but I think Michigan and John Beilein’s squad come out firing in this one, led by Manny Harris. Michigan 73, Clemson 69

2. Oklahoma vs. 15. Morgan St.

Oklahoma is a very interesting team in this year’s tournament.  I love what Blake Griffin is about and do not think the Kansas State comparison are fair at all.  Willie Warren is an outstanding freshman and when he wants to be, Austin Johnson is tough to stop.  The Griffin brothers will lead the troops into battle over Morgan St., but after that they will need to prove that they are more than just a product of the double-double machine. Oklahoma 78, Morgan St. 60

Who Wins the South Regional and Why? In my opinion, the South has the teams with a) the best talent (UNC), b) the best player (Blake Griffin), c) the hottest team (Syracuse), d) the biggest upset special (W Kentucky) and e) the biggest sleeper (Gonzaga) of the tournament.  That being said, it will come down to whether or not Ty Lawson is healthy for the Tar Heels.  As the Florida State game showed, they are not outstanding without their star point guard and they need him if they want to advance far.  Hansbrough and the rest of the senior-laced squad can carry them to the Sweet 16, but they will need a healthy Lawson from there on out or it could be game over.  I don’t think Oklahoma has what it takes to win the regional and Syracuse is bound to fade on their crazy hot streak playing the best basketball in the nation, which leaves one other team: the Gonzaga Bulldogs.  They have quietly dominated this year and could come out of nowhere and take this regional by surprise.

Who is the Biggest Sleeper? Obviously I am going with Dionte Christmas and the Temple Owls.  I can’t tell you enough how good this guy is.  I watched him vs. Tennessee earlier this year when he dropped 35 on the Vols and fell in love with him.  Bill Raftery was having way too much fun with the “Christmas” puns during the game, but all I saw was a fierce competitor and a solid supporting cast, especially Ryan Brooks and Lavoy Allen.  I think they beat the Sun Devils and after that, Syracuse really does not have an answer for Christmas (Devendorf and Rautins don’t play great defense) and you could see an 11 seed jump into the Sweet 16.  From there, we all know it’s about staying hot.  I’m just saying…

Final Four

2009 Final Four

2009 Final Four

Who Wins the Final Four and Why? All four of these teams know how to turn it on at the right time which is why I chose them to get to Detroit.  If Wake Forest wins it, it will be because all that talent has found their groove at the right time, as well as Jeff Teague lighting it up every game.  For UConn, it will start with Hasheem Thabeet and what he is able to do in the tournament.  We saw that a big man like Greg Oden can get a team to the National Championship, and that Ohio State team was not as good as this UConn team, despite their record being better.  A.J. Price will need to run this team and UConn’s big role players will need to step up, and I believe they will.  For UNC, it will be Ty Lawson’s health status and whether or not his big toe his healthy.  The talent is there but the offense starts and ends with Lawson.  For Villanova, much like Wake Forest, they will need to stay hot and keep shooting well from outside as well as Dante Cunningham pacing them from the inside.

In the end, UConn will take the cake due to their outstanding balance and senior point guard leadership.  Yes, they lost to Pittsburgh twice this year, but they crushed Louisville and Marquette on the road and beat Syracuse, Villanova, and Gonzaga this year.  The ability to beat anyone is there and I believe Jim Calhoun will have these guys ready.  It hasn’t been the pick everyone is talking about (everyone is taking Louisville and North Carolina, it seems) but I just get that gut feeling that they will do it this year. Price and Thabeet get it done, Dyson or not.

It’s the greatest time of the year and I believe the second best day in the sports world (behind only the NFC and AFC Championship games), it’s the NCAA First Round that starts in a couple hours.  Good luck on your brackets and enjoy the games!


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