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Why Rickie Weeks Is Starting to Get It

Rickie Weeks enters his fifth full season as the Milwaukee Brewers second baseman under the most pressure of any player on the team.  Since being drafted second overall in the 2003 MLB Draft, Weeks has not lived up to expectations, sporting a career .244 batting average and an on-base percentage of just .352 despite being in the leadoff position the majority of his career.

However, six games into the year it seems as though Weeks is starting to put it all together and become a much better all-around player for the Brewers.  One of the biggest knocks on Weeks was his inability in the field, averaging just under 18 errors per season from 2005-2008.  Already, Weeks seems much more relaxed in the field and has made a couple stellar plays in the field to rob hits.  Despite one error on the year already, his arm looks stronger and

At the plate, Weeks is currently batting .280 with a home run, four RBI’s, four runs and a stolen base, and an on-base percentage of .357.  Do not get me wrong as we are six games into the season and this start could be nothing more than a flash in the pan for the second baseman.  But something in Weeks’ step makes me believe that this could be the breakout year.  For whatever it’s worth, he batted .312 in spring training with a .424 on-base percentage and worked with Willie Randolph to improve his game.

Rickie Weeks is entering his fifth full season at second base and is still looking to live up to his potential.

Rickie Weeks is entering his fifth full season at second base and is still looking to live up to his potential.

Possibly the most important improvement to his game might be the fire that he has shown early in the season.  In a very sluggish start to the season for the Brewers as a whole, Weeks has been upbeat and shown the will to win.  In the Cubs game, his double to tie the game ended with a huge fist pump and clap from Weeks to give the team intensity. Then, his hustle to get to third resulted in the chance for him to score, which he did with a head first slide and throwing his helmet down to share in the celebration.

I like what I have seen early from Weeks and hope that it continues, both in the field and at the plate, but more importantly in the dugout with the rest of the team.  Hopefully he can spark the Brewers and their slow start.


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