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Quick Random Thought on the Milwaukee Brewers

Call me crazy or call me in a bad mood, but the Milwaukee Brewers are not contenders this year.  I’m not talking about being a contender for the World Series or even the National League pennant.  No, I am talking about being in the race to even come close to winning the National League Central.

You might be asking why so let me tell you.

The Brewers have the worst starting pitching in the National League Central and I really do not even think it is close.  First off, we do not have an ace on our staff (Wainwright, Lilly, Oswalt, Cueto, Duke) and at best have a number two pitcher (Gallardo), a number three pitcher (Looper), a number four pitcher (Suppan), a number five pitcher (Parra) and a pitcher that has no place in a major leauge rotation (Burns).  If you look at it that way, each one of those pitchers is being asked to bump up a spot and act as something more than they are.  Maybe that’s the reason all but Gallardo are having awful years.

Here’s another reason why we have no shot.  Outside of Felipe Lopez, Ryan Braun, and Prince Fielder, our offense is as worthless as a toothbrush to a guy with no teeth.  J.J. Hardy has one good week for every five weeks of pathetic late swings and misses.  Mike Cameron started red-hot then went absolutely ice cold, picked it up recently and is now back to earth.  Corey Hart really hasn’t been as good as people are saying and Casey McGehee is more than likely a flash in the pan.

Craig Counsell has been asked to play every day since Rickie Weeks went down and his production has gone way down.  It’s been great that he has filled in during such an important time for the Brewers but it’s really starting to fade on me.  Jason Kendall has actually been OK but I have more power than he does.

In the bullpen, someone needs to let Seth McClung know that any time he would like to get his head out of his rear end would be fine with me.  The 10.13 ERA and 0-2 record in July has been great, pal.  And getting a pitch off before Ken Macha could take you out of a game that you completely blew was real classy.  Then not looking at him when he took you out of the game?  Nice.

Look, we have a shot to win this division because the Cubs use whiffle bats on offense and the Cardinals are using kids off the street to bat behind Albert Pujols.  But when I take off the homer goggles that every sports fan in America has for their respective team, the Brewers have A TON of holes that does not add up to a division championship.

Hopefully the arrival of Felipe Lopez (four hits and a walk tonight) and a potential trade of Roy Halladay will change things, but wow do the Brewers look bad as of late.  Done with the rant, have a good one Milwaukee.


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  1. tracking back Quick Random Thought on the Milwaukee Brewers… tracking back Quick Random Thought on the Milwaukee Brewers…

    Trackback by | July 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. Let’s face it … last year’s Brewers had CC leading the way, let alone Sheets when he could pitch. Gotta wonder if they will make a trade move again this year. Nonetheless, I see a 3-team race during September in the NL Central … but not my team.

    Comment by afrankangle | July 21, 2009 | Reply

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