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Local Media Outlets Taking Unfair Shots at Packers

With two straight losses to the Vikings and Bucs, respectively, most fans in Green Bay have become impatient with the team.  More so, players have started to air their concerns to the media and people wonder whether or not the season has been lost already.  At 4-4, the Packers have their backs against the wall and are not in great shape to make a playoff run, but hardly out of it.

Recently, media sources have started to poke at Packers’ players, trying to pry comments out of them that would put the Packers’ coaching staff and Packers in a bad light.  Why?  Is asking players whether or not the loss of Brett Favre has the Packers in a “hangover state of mind” going to produce legitimate answers?  No one in that locker room cares about Brett Favre when they put that yellow helmet on and strap up to go fight for their team.

Asking Nick Collins how many pro bowlers Ted Thompson has drafted throughout his tenure brings nothing to positive to the table.  The answer is one and yes, Collins himself is the only player Thompson has drafted that has been to Hawaii.  Thompson also drafted Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, and Clay Matthews while signing Ryan Pickett, Charles Woodson, and Atari Bigby and trading for Ryan Grant in exchange for a seventh round draft pick.

Look Packers media outlets, blame Thompson all you want for not spending all that cap money (have we forgotten where Mike Sherman got us by doing that?) but don’t bring the players into this.  I understand that you have to ask so you can get your answers and write an article to get responses…just like I am doing right here by responding, but the Packers have not given up on anyone, including Mike McCarthy or Thompson.

Don’t even try to compare Ron Wolf, one of the greatest general managers in football’s history, to Thompson.  Their results through their first five years in terms of drafting players has been pretty much the same, but the results on the field have not.

On Twitter, Packers’ beat writers are basically making a mockery of McCarthy and the Packers’ offensive line.  Who exactly is this helping?  When McCarthy says that the Packers’ problems are correctable, I believe him.  Maybe this is just me being an optimistic Packers’ fan, but the season is not over.

It’s true that maybe McCarthy’s run as Packers head coach will be over at the end of this season, but as long as he is in charge players will back him and listen to what he has to say.  The problem is when the media looks for stories where there are none, asking if Favre is the reason for the record (other than the two losses), whether or not Rodgers was the right choice two years ago, or if Thompson is the right guy for the job.

Some of the bashing is warranted because the Packers have failed to live up to expectations, but the local media printing garbage is not going to get anyone anywhere.  Like I said, maybe they actually did do their job by getting a response out of me, but it sure wasn’t a positive one.

The Packers are struggling right now but attempting to get players to react in a way that would put the coaches or management in bad light makes little sense.  The 2009 Packers are not the 1996 Packers and Ted Thompson is not Ron Wolf.  It’s a different team with different talent levels.  Put the blame somewhere but don’t look for something that isn’t there.


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