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An American Beauty, Lambeau Field

This article originally published on  Stadium Journey judges sports stadiums around the country and rates them based on seven categories known as F.A.N.F.A.R.E.  Rankings are 1-5, meaning scores closer to 35 are better stadiums, with lower scores being poorer stadiums.   Without further adieu, here’s my review of Lambeau Field.

Review by Mark Strotman, Stadium Journey Correspondent

FANFARE Score: 30

Food and Beverage: 4

There are few things better than a bratwurst and a beer in Wisconsin, and Lambeau Field’s food is no exception.  The Gridiron Grill and Goin’ Deep Pizza feature an array of food items ranging from Johnsonville bratwursts or Italian sausages to pepperoni pizza.  The Munch Zone provides such items as pretzels and nachos, all tasty in their own way.

Grid Iron Grill

Beer is at a premium here and the “Leinie Lodge” is a place that all drinkers need to check out.  It sits just outside the concourse, in a heated area with TV’s to watch the game and every kind of Leinenkugel Beer on tap in a cabin-type hut.

Leinie Lodge at Lambeau

The lines are what you would expect out of a 72,000+ seat stadium, but nothing that won’t get you back to your seat before halftime is over on most Sundays.

Atmosphere: 5

If there were any 6’s to hand out, Lambeau Field’s atmosphere would warrant one.  After driving through neighborhoods with tiny, one-story houses, the Mecca of professional sports jumps right out at you.  Tailgating and parking in backyards start the trip and bars have live bands in the parking lots that make it a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Inside the stadium, the bowl-shaped architecture gives it a college football feel and just knowing the great players who played and the games that occurred inside the stadium give it a chilling feel as you walk up the tunnel.  It’s truly something every sports fan needs to experience before they die.

Game Action at Lambeau Field

Neighborhood: 4

For the die-hard tailgater, Lambeau Field and the city of Green Bay offer an experience like none other.  Plopped down in the middle of a rural neighborhood, bars have been erected that give it a more urban feel but the majority is still parking and tailgating in backyards of people’s homes.

Kroll’s West is known as a hot spot for bar-goers and the atmosphere there is great with a crowded parking lot listening to music outside, to a great bar and restaurant scene inside.

Kroll's West

As for the tailgating, it’s everything you could ask for.  For the most part, someone will be tailgating on either side of you and will be more than willing to lend you an item or two that you may have forgotten.  Games of catch go on everywhere and it’s an overall friendly atmosphere, even for the away fan.  Nowhere else in sports will you find a neighborhood quite like this one.

Fans: 4

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the cheeseheads are some of the most famous fans in America.  No one loves their team in the same way that Packers fans do.  In a rural city, the Packers are all that these people have and their devotion is second to none.  All the way from Saint Vincent to the Bikini Girls, to the 300+ pound guy who goes shirtless no matter what, there are some darn good characters at the games.  The only problem with the fans is that their homerism bleeds through sometimes, booing at obvious penalties and being way too hard on the coaching.

Packer Fans

Access: 4

Access to the stadium is excellent. As I mentioned before, Lambeau Field is surrounded by a neighborhood that lets fans to park in backyards.  Because of that, the stadium is never more than a 5-10 minute walk from your car and lots cover about ¾ of the area around the stadium if you want to park there as well.

When the weather gets cold, bathrooms are heated and make for a great trip to warm up and do your business at the same time.  The new renovations increased the number of bathrooms, so outside of halftime there is rarely a wait.

Leaving the stadium can be tough because of the neighborhood setting, but nothing different than any other stadium where 70,000 people are pouring out at once.

Return on Investment: 5

The Packers are under the average for Fan Cost Index, and when you really think about the stadium you are entering, it makes it all worth the while.  The Packers rarely raise prices and good seats can be found everywhere due to the bowl structure.  Each seat is basically the same and there are no levels to obstruct views or get crowded.  The experience at Lambeau Field is worth every penny.

Etc: 4

Lambeau Field’s renovation in 2003 added a lot to the already-famous stadium, including the Lambeau Field Atrium, the Packers Hall of Fame, and Curly’s Pub, named after Curly Lambeau, the founder of the Packers.  The rich tradition is all around you in the Hall of Fame and they have Vince Lombardi’s office set up inside which is truly breathtaking for any fan.

Lambeau Under the Lights


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