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Twas’ The Night Before Christmas: Marquette Edition

Twas the night before the Christmas and all through the Big East
Not a player was stirring and J-May had been released

The team’s back court was struggling, making scoring tough
I think it’s safe to say, Vander can’t come soon enough

Lazar Hayward was shooting threes as if the ball was hot
Which sounds good and all, but they didn’t go in a lot

Still he kept the team afloat with his work ethic inside
He is listed at 6’6″, though we’re pretty sure he lied

Dwight Buycks started off hot but has since fell below
But fear not Marquette, Darius Johnson-Odom has stole the show!

With his ability to drive with both hands, and his deadly outside range
It might be time for Buzz’s starting five to be re-arranged

Cubillan and Acker have proven to be gritty ballers
It’s just a shame that neither of them are getting any taller

After J-May’s departure, Joe Fulce has been asked to prove
That his Buzz Williams imitations are as good as his post moves

Youssoupha Mbao swats away layups like he’s getting paid
But he also passed up the easiest layup anyone saw this decade

Erik Williams has seen little playing time, which really says it all
Good thing his dad is mature enough to not sit there and bawl

His time will come soon enough, despite his PT being measly
We can only hope his dad doesn’t think he’ll be Michael Beasley

Chris Otule is injured again, “terrible” has described his health
And Marquette’s post defense is now seeing his real wealth

Buzz expected Junior Cadougan to run the point in 2009
But a torn Achilles heel has him down sitting on the pine

Jimmy Butler has been efficient as that should come as no shock
The offense seems to run smoothly when 33 has the rock

Wins over Xavier and Michigan came before a loss to Florida State
The Old Spice Classic was a success, and that is no debate

Losing the Three Amigos was tough, even one to the NBA
I think we’re all very happy that Lazar decided to stay

The Big East looks tough once again, from top to bottom they say
And it makes it even tougher when you only have nine guys to play

But Buzz will get us through this season, on this he does insist
We can only hope that next year, Wayne Blackshear is on his list

As he went off to recruit, we heard him shout with all his might
Happy Big East season to all, and to all a good night!


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  1. Comment #200? Good job on this!

    Comment by Alex Jesswein | December 24, 2009 | Reply

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