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NFL First Round Mock Draft, Picks 11-20

NFL First Round Mock Draft, Picks 1-10

11. Jacksonville Jaguars: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

In case you haven’t seen Jacksonville’s attendance numbers, they rival the Raiders and Lions for the worst in the league, and this is coming from a team that almost made the playoffs this year.  Tebow is the ultimate gamer and, regardless of how he performs on the field, is a great person to have in the locker room and be part of your franchise.  He needs work for sure, but could wind up being a solid quarterback in the pros.  He sure has the work ethic.

12. Miami Dolphins: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

It would go against Bill Parcells’ nature to take a wide receiver in the first round, but Bryant has the skills to help the Dolphins at the next level.  Their defense played well this year and I believe they have their future quarterback in Chad Henne.  With the Wildcat still dominating, all that’s left is a true No. 1 receiver, which Bryant can be.

13. San Francisco 49er’s: Joe Haden, CB, Florida

The 49er’s are very likely to target a left tackle in the first round (they also have the 17th pick), but Haden is way too good of value to pass up here.  It would be no surprise to see the lock-down Gator go higher than 13th, but he would be an instant upgrade to the secondary of the Niners, which ranked 21st in the league last season.

14. Seattle Seahawks: Jevan Snead, QB, Ole Miss

Admittedly, I do not know what Seattle’s cap numbers are like, but if they are able to pay a top-6 tackle and a quarterback, this could be a new beginning for the Seattle.  Snead declared after my top 10 was complete (he might go ahead of Bradford), but Seattle can have Hasselback teach Snead over the next few years before throwing him into the fire, much like Hasselback himself was brought up beneath Brett Favre.

15. New York Giants: Brian Price, DT, UCLA

Price just declared for the draft and for good reason, too.  He finished the year with seven sacks and 23.5 tackles for loss.  The Giants struggled on defense last year, in part because of Kenny Phillips, and there are a couple ways they could go.  Price gives them a run stuffer but will need to improve his conditioning.

16. Tennessee Titans: Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida

One of my favorite prospects in this draft, Dunlap fills a need for the Titans and gives them a 6’6″, 290-pound, relentless pass rusher.  After losing Albert Haynesworth, the Titans

17. San Francisco 49er’s: Bryan Baluga, LT, Iowa

I have a good amount of left tackles going in the early portion of round one, and if that happens then the Niners will need to reach on Baluga.  While a first round prospect, the Iowa left tackle is a step below the top-tier tackles in the draft.  Left tackle is a huge need for the Niners and, going with Haden earlier in round one means they must go offensive line with this pick.  Baluga is that player.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Earl Thomas, FS, Texas

Taylor Mays would be a better pick in this situation and is probably the better player, but with Troy Polomalu manning the strong safety spot and Ryan Clark and Tyrone Carter potentially bolting for free agency, they go with Thomas.  As the best free safety and ballhawk in this year’s draft, Thomas is an upgrade and could tag-team with Polomalu as one of the best safety duos in the league.

19. Atlanta Falcons: Taylor Mays, S, Southern California

The Falcons ranked 28th in pass defense last season and need a huge upgrade in the secondary.  Southern Cal’s lackluster season has Mays dropping, but I fully expect him to be back in the top 10-15 by the time the draft rolls around.  For now, the Falcons take the best remaining safety, and a darn good one at that.

20. Houston Texans: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

The Texans might lose Kevin Walter to free agency after this year, but if he comes back then defensive tackle is the next biggest need.  Williams led one of the best defensive units in the nation last season alongside Eric Berry and would upgrade Houston’s line immediately.


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