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11 Day One NCAA Tournament Thoughts

What’s up everyone? It’s currently halftime in San Jose as the UTEP Miners lead the Butler Bulldogs 33-27. Seven games have been completed and many are saying the start of the 2010 NCAA Tournament has the best it has ever been. We’ve already seen an overtime game, a double overtime game, a buzzer beater, a two-seed almost go down, and a one-point upset.

As the second half of the game gets under way, here are some random thoughts from the first seven and a half games:

-Murray State has the athleticism and team chemistry to be this year’s George Mason. With 31 wins on the season, they should not be sneaking up on anyone…but they have and they did today.

– Baylor did not look comfortable all game against a very good Sam Houston St. team. Epke Udoh will make one heck of a pro, but Lacedarius Dunn and Tweety Carter will need to play better if Baylor is going to advance past this weekend.

– Luke Harangody’s draft stock went down the toilet with today’s four point performance in a loss to Old Dominion. He has been hurting this Fighting Irish team ever since he came back from injury and his inability to jump will have him playing in Europe.

– Old Dominion is not a very good team at all and will get smoked by Baylor in the second round of the Tournament. I don’t expect it to be within 15 points.

– Jimmer Fredette is absolutely, 100 percent the real deal. With 37 points in BYU’s double overtime victory over Florida, he officially put himself in the national spotlight. Kansas State looked very good in their win over North Texas, but Fredette will not go down in round two without a fight.

– The term “survive and advance” is derived from teams in the NCAA Tournament. Scottie Reynolds looked like garbage and Jay Wright almost gave himself a “minor teaching lesson”, but they won and that’s all they need to do. Do they need to play better against St. Mary’s? Yes.

– Maybe it’s because I am covering them here in San Jose, but Murray State has been the most fun team of the tournament so far. You talk about a team that is happy just to be at the Big Dance, it’s the Racers. I foolishly don’t have them in the Sweet 16, but make no mistake: they’ll be there.

– If Denis Clemente can give that good of an all-around performance in every round, it will be awfully tough to beat the Wildcats before Indianapolis.

– For as good of a season as Richmond had, it’s a shame to see them bounced in the first round. Winning a very good Atlantic 10 conference this year was no easy task, but St. Mary’s had their number today.

– Speaking of St. Mary’s, Omar Samhan is a force to be reckoned with and could be this year’s Patrick O’Bryant. Let’s just hope his NBA career goes better if that’s the case.

– Butler has pulled out in front of UTEP by 5 with just under 15 minutes to play. People doubt Butler because they aren’t high-flyers and are a five seed, but you can’t forget how well-coached they are and how fast they play in transition. They will be a tough out if they can get past the athletic Miners today.


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