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What the Packers Should Have Done on Draft Day

Make no mistake about it: I am extremely pleased with how the Packers’ 2010 draft went down. They came out of the three-day festivities with a future left tackle, depth on both lines, a potential starting safety, and even more potential threats on an already scary offense. But what’s the fun in agreeing?

By in large, the Packers’ front office knew 1000 times more about the players in the draft than I ever could by reading Mel Kiper’s NFL Draft Preview book or watching Youtube videos, but here’s what I would have done if I was calling the shots on Draft Day.

*Note* Each selection is based on what the Packers actually did leading up to that point. So in round two, I am saying who the Packers should have selected based on taking Bryan Bulaga, etc.

Round 1, pick 23

Who was the pick: Bryan Bulaga, LT, Iowa

Who should have been the pick: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

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  1. Mark … I hear where you’re coming from … usually read your stuff and tend to agree “most” of the time. 😉

    Round 1 –
    If you are looking to fill what is considered to be a need, then I think you look at Wilson as being better than Bulaga. Overall, while I wouldn’t mind having either of these guys taken in the first round, I feel Wilson is not as good at *his* position as Bulaga is at *his* . Bulaga became a “value pick” – a top 10 player who slides down- as opposed to a guy who would have been worthy of a round 1 pick, but never ranked prior to the draft as being one of the “elite”. Wilson went exactly where he should have, at 29th. Whereas, Bulaga only fell out of the top 10 because his hands were said to have been a tad smaller than the size someone decided they should be. (Which is absolutely ludicrous!)

    And just because we signed Clifton doesn’t mean he still won’t go down injured somewhere along the line. He only had to play about 1/2 a season last year, so the jury is still out on whether or not he can last a full schedule. My belief is that we are in more ‘need’ of depth at LT than we are at DB. There was a reason that we got beaten by a few teams (Minny, Cards, Steelers) but it wasn’t as much lack of talent at DB as it was the overall injuries. If we have Harris back and can replace Bigby with a better SS, we’ll be much better.

    For round 2 –
    I agree that Neal is probably Thompson’s ‘interesting pick of the draft’ … but I feel Jerome Murphy would have been just about the same -a “reach”- as Murphy was no better than a mid-late 3rd round talent who I personally would have let go to see if he slid into the 4th, mainly because he is going to be somewhat of a ‘project’. I initially had Neal down around the 4th-5th, but his combine numbers pushed him up into the 2nd. Mike Neal is a physical specimen who has an effective first ‘punch’, gets off blocks and played 3 technique at Purdue, so he’s already fairly familiar with our system (‘Okie’ which we play about 50% of the time). I think he’ll “get it” a lot faster and become a dominant inside rusher to compliment what looks to be OLBs Matthews and Jones.

    But if not for the Bulaga pick in round 1, I would have been screaming for TT to take OT Jared Veldheer here!

    For round 3 –
    Totally agree here …. overall … just a very good pick. This guy should be a solid player and once he hits the learning curve, he should replace Atari Bigby at SS.

    For round 5 – #1
    I cannot agree with taking Steven Sylvester if you are looking for an improved pass rush. Mainly, Sylvester played in the Mountain West division and couldn’t find a way to dominate what is arguably weaker talent than what the SCOUT TEAM in Green Bay will be! I’d maybe take a shot at him as a 7th or UDFA. Had Andrew Quarless kept his nose clean, he’d probably have been a low 1st, high 2nd round pick. He was a dumb KID who got in trouble because he got caught. There are probably 20 more players of much lesser talent who get ranked higher than him who DIDN’T get caught while doing keg-stands in college! If his blocking is solid and he gets even better, and he can help open-up the offense with multiple TE sets (like we used to have), he’s worth boatloads more than any LB. (JMHO) I think this was probably a “If this guy falls into the fifth or below and we have a chance at him, lets go for it!” type of pick. Another TE could also open-up the field more for Jennings!

    For round 5 – #2
    Either one of these guys would have been fine with me.
    I think Olsen would have been a good pick if we needed a C who could play as OL ultility guy or just more depth at the position. But I just can’t see “quicker off the ball and stronger”? He’ll need to gain about another 10-15 pounds to be able to stay-up with NFL sized DTs & DEs. Newhouse does a great job of walling-off the area he needs to protect and can even get latteral movement in the run, which makes him a candidate for the ZBS the Packers run.

    For round 6 –
    Kyle Williams might have blinding speed, but I honestly don’t see him fitting into this offense (even at slot). I don’t see him as being anywhere near as polished as he should be. James Starks’s shoulder injury will be the deciding factor for stayting in the league.
    He’s got better size than some of TT’s picks in the past for RB, but he’ll need to learn blocking and blitz pick-up. He’s got some real ability for catching out of the backfield and if he gets solid blocking, he can run very well and is good at the G-L. But he’s got a lot to learning to do before his name is heard on Sports Center.
    Overall …
    Williams will only be good at one thing and will be limited due to his size. Starks has tons more potential as a RB, a pass blocker and receiver coming out of the backfield. But Williams isn’t a huge question-mark due to a severe injury.

    For round 7 –
    Bottom line is that I had C.J. Wilson on my “wish list” in the 4th-5th. The fact that he made it into the 7th round totally amazed me. Did I miss something?

    Him playing for Eastern Carolina didn’t help and most teams seemed to be projecting him to be an OLB. (Which wouldn’t work especially in a 3-4)

    He’s a little light for an NFL DE, but he’s got some real good moves. Plus, in a 3-4, a DE doesn’t have to be a man-mountain and can block then rush.

    Comment by Ken Allen | May 9, 2010 | Reply

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