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Aaron Rodgers Blasts ESPN Broadcasters: The Right Move?

Aaron Rodgers has had to prove himself his entire NFL career. It began on draft day, when Rodgers waited for 23 teams to pass him up before being selected by the Green Bay Packers. While Rodgers waited in the green room for over 4 and a half hours that day, analysts critiqued him any way possible to understand why he was dropping so far.

Then came the waiting game behind legend quarterback Brett Favre. After three years of waiting in the wings, Rodgers took the over the starting job in not-so-quiet fashion. Fans wanted Favre back and accused Rodgers of stealing the job and was dubbed the reason Green Bay had lost the best thing to ever happen to the city since….ever.

All the while, Rodgers calmly went about his business and progressed as one of the top quarterbacks in the league, quieting the doubters and Favre fans. Never once did he speak ill toward Favre or lash out against Packers fans (although he once told the fans in a press conference to get on board or shutup). Until now.

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