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Breaking Down the Packers’ Chances in the NFC

The 1972 Dolphins have already popped the champagne bottles and the AFC contains arguably the top three teams in the NFL with Pittsburgh, New York, and Baltimore. But what about the NFC, which at this point seems as wide open as it has ever been? Even at 3-2 and a long list of injuries, the Packers still have a legitimate chance of representing the NFC in Super Bowl XLV in Dallas.

With all the “sky is falling” comments from Packer nation over the past few weeks after losses to Chicago and Washington and an unspectacular home victory over the Lions, it’s easy to pass over the fact that the Packers are still 3-2, just one game removed from both the lead in the NFC North and the best record in the NFC.

Those two teams, while in the preseason might have seemed like huge flops, have in actuality come against the division leaders in the NFC North and East. That’s not to say the Packers have played well or up to par with offseason expectations, but the Bears and Redskins look to be contenders in the NFC as well.

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