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Q+A With Eagles Examiner Gordie Jones

In preparation for the Packers-Eagles contest Sunday afternoon, I asked Philadelphia Eagles Examiner Gordie Jones five questions about the Eagles. Questions he asked me about the Packers can be found here. Here are his responses.

1. No one denies Michael Vick has had an MVP-worthy season in 2010, but is there any credibility to Andy Reid’s comments that he would consider pulling him if he fails to perform early?

I can’t believe he would ever do that. Kevin Kolb, who began the season as the starter, is a worthy backup. But I can’t envision a scenario (other than injury) under which Reid would pull the plug on the Michael Vick Experience at this point.

2. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems LeSean McCoy can get buried underneath the press and headlines Michael Vick and the Eagles’ high-octane pass attack gets. However, his split stats in wins and losses are extremely telling. Despite Vick’s prowess on the field, is it fair to say McCoy is the engine that makes the Eagles’ offense go?

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Packers and Eagles Square off in First Round: Notes and Key Matchups

Every Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers fan remembers where he or she was on January 11, 2004. The Packers were just one stop away from advancing to the NFC Championship game to take on the Carolina Panthers. All that was standing in their way was a 4th and 26 play. Green Bay’s “Cover 2” defense left the middle of the field wide open, and when Nick Barnett followed tight end Jeff Thomason instead of staying deep, Donovan McNabb found Freddie Mitchell on a post down the middle for 31 yards. David Akers would later kick a game-tying field goal on that drive as time expired and the Eagles went on to win the game in overtime.

The Packers were able to extract some revenge in their first trip back to Philadelphia since “4th and 26” with a 27-20 victory in Week 1 of this season, but the memories have far from faded in the minds of Packers fans. Sunday the Packers will travel back to Philadelphia in the first round of the NFL Playoffs in an attempt to fully erase that fateful play, but it will be no easy task.

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Why Aaron Rodgers and Tramon Williams Should Have Made the Pro Bowl

With so many talented players in each league, it is a foregone conclusion that stars will be left off the Pro Bowl roster every year. After all, only three or four players from 16 teams can be selected for each position, meaning more than a handful of players inevitably will be “snubbed.”

Most times arguments can be made for and against players making or making the team, and the discussion in Green Bay is no different.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers posted a fantastic season in 2010 and have the Packers one home win against the Chicago Bears away from sealing up the No. 6 seed in the NFC. However, his season was only good enough in the eyes of the voters to warrant a first alternate selection for the Pro Bowl, meaning his name will only be called if someone at his position drops out or is playing in the Super Bowl.

In Rodgers’ case, his slow start and absence in two games down the stretch probably hurt him the most. Touted by many as ready to take the jump from great to elite, Rodgers’ numbers through eight weeks looked more like the former. With the team sitting at 5-3, Rodgers had passed for 12 touchdowns, nine interceptions, and an average of 251 yards per game.

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